Grammar in Practice

Grammar in Practice

Grades 6–12

All the grammar basics students need to succeed

This three-book series offers instruction, review, and practice in the basics of grammar, mechanics, and composition. Concepts build on one another from book to book, providing students with the tools necessary to write polished compositions. Select specific lessons, work cover to cover through the entire sequence, or use as a homework resource—the choice is completely yours.

An ELL Focus feature explains challenging concepts to non-native English speakers.

Titles in This Program



  • Grammar in Practice: A Foundation
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  • Grammar in Practice: Usage
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  • Grammar in Practice: Sentences and Paragraphs
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Program Features & Resources


Grammar in Practice: A Foundation

Focuses on the parts of speech, grammar rules, punctuation, capitalization, and spelling.

Grammar in Practice: Usage

Offers expanded instruction on grammar, common usage errors, and using different kinds of sentences.

Grammar in Practice: Sentences and Paragraphs

Shows students how to pull together their grammar and usage skills to write strong, engaging sentences and paragraphs.

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