Reading 3–6 | Lexile Level 440–780 | Interest Level 6–12

Full-length novels for reluctant readers and ELLs

A variety of genres appeal to all interests—from historical fiction to contemporary and suspense novels.

Captivating reluctant readers for 40 years, Passages novels feature fast-paced plots, relevant conflicts, and appealing teenage protagonists designed to hook students and keep them reading. Carefully-chosen vocabulary, concise wording, and natural-sounding dialogue ensure reading success and enjoyment while multicultural characters and contemporary plots are relevant to today's young adult reader.

Your books have been a welcomed addition to our high-interest low-level reading collection. We look forward to ordering more in the future!


Highland, Illinois

Titles in This Program


Digital Library

Print Samplers

  • Adventure I Sampler
    Format Student Edition Softcover
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  • Adventure II Sampler
    Format Student Edition Softcover
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  • Historical I Sampler
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  • Historical II Sampler
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  • Historical III Sampler
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  • Passages 2000 I Sampler
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  • Passages 2000 II Sampler
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  • Suspense I Sampler
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  • Suspense II Sampler
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  • Contemporary Sampler
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Program Features & Resources


Student Books

  • The satisfaction of finishing a book will build students' confidence, develop interest in reading, and improve reading skills.
  • Complex, fast-paced plots hold attention.
  • Consistent chapter lengths and suspenseful chapter endings keep readers engaged.
  • Each novel includes SAT vocabulary words with corresponding practice exercises in the Student Workbooks.
  • Historical novels focus on teenage protagonists involved in significant historical eras.

Skills Support

Student Workbooks for select titles boost your students'

  • comprehension skills
  • vocabulary skills
  • reading skills
  • thinking skills
  • word analysis skills
  • writing skills

Approximately 30 to 40 activities per Workbook.

Digital Library

Includes eBook editions of all Passages titles and title-specific teacher support.
All teachers, all students—unlimited building access for one year.


Include 1 softcover copy of each title in a set and FREE digital teacher resources.

Teacher Support

All purchases include digital access to title-specific teaching support.

Teacher Materials

Teacher Guides

Comprehensive Teacher Guides with skill support feature

  • plot summaries
  • discussion questions
  • extension and assessment activities
  • keys for workbook activities
  • comprehensive vocabulary lists
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