Perfection Learning® Spelling

Perfection Learning® Spelling

Grades 1–6

Systematic and comprehensive spelling instruction

All the resources you need to build spelling skills, word use, and writing success.

Focuses on common spelling rules through four primary strategies of instruction—visual memory, phonics, word structure, and analogy. The consistent five-day or three-day instructional plans include a wide range of print and digital resources to reinforce skills, differentiate instruction, and support ELLs.

Additional student support includes integrated handwriting support for grades 1 to 3, a Spelling Dictionary, and a Writer’s Guide for unit language arts activities.

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  • Perfection Learning Spelling - Grade 1
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  • Perfection Learning Spelling - Grade 3
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  • Perfection Learning Spelling - Grade 4
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  • Perfection Learning Spelling - Grade 5
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  • Perfection Learning Spelling - Grade 6
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Program Features & Resources


Student Books (Print & Digital)

Research-based word lists are grouped to reflect common and consistent spelling patterns based on sound-letter relationships, word structures, and content area. Research has shown that students who are taught to recognize spelling generalizations among words show more spelling success.

  • Activities integrate spelling practice with standards-based skills for reading and language arts.
  • Research-based spelling lists reflect the words most commonly found in students' reading and writing.
  • Differentiated word lists for students of all abilities.
  • Review units apply learning and assess learning transfer.
  • Integrated handwriting support for grades 1–3.
  • A Spelling Dictionary at each level provides a grade-appropriate dictionary reference for all spelling words with plenty of visual support.
  • A Writer's Guide in each Student Book provides support for unit language arts activities, all within a quick-reference handbook design. Sections include spelling rules, grammar and usage terms and examples, and support for all writing assignments with key terms and grade-appropriate examples.
  • A Spelling Thesaurus builds vocabulary skills.

Day 1

Introduce the spelling concept with activities from the Teacher Edition, read and discuss the unit words, and remember the concept using Remember This.

Day 2

Practice the spelling words using the spelling concept.

Day 3

Integrate the spelling words with a variety of language, reading, and writing activities. Addresses state standards.

Day 4

Apply the spelling concept independently to the differentiated word lists.

Day 5

Assess spelling ability, enrich with activities for both classroom and home, and reteach students needing extra assistance.

Teacher Materials

Teacher Package

Teacher Editions (Digital)

Each unit follows a consistent step-by-step plan to teach a spelling principle all in a wraparound Teacher Edition with easy-to-read versions of student pages and answers for convenient point-of-use reference. The first page of each instructional unit in the Teacher Edition succinctly summarizes learning objectives, materials, and word lists for each unit.

  • Three- and five-day lesson plans for each unit.
  • Step-by-step instructional design in each unit to introduce, develop, apply, and transfer new learning.
  • Enrichment activities and opportunities for student-generated word lists.
  • ELL support and differentiated instruction built into each lesson.
  • Comprehensive assessment and program management resources.
  • Unit Previews succinctly summarize learning objectives, materials, and word lists for each unit.
  • Point of Use references provide an overview of all key resources and answers in one easy-to-access location.
  • Reteaching strategies and reproducibles provide multiple options for reinforcing spelling concepts.

Planning and Assessment Resource (Print)

This convenient print resource organizes everything you need to teach Perfection Learning® Spelling.

Each six-unit section begins with a comprehensive, yet concise, planner that lists all of the corresponding Student Book and Teacher Edition page numbers, resources, standards, word lists, and more to teach each of the first five units in the section. All of this information is organized into a three-day or five-day teaching plan.

  • Comprehensive six-unit planner with three-day or five-day lesson plan and all relevant resources.
  • Lists ELA Common Core State Standards addressed in each unit.
  • Unit-specific pages following the planner show whiteboard-ready classroom slides, unit assessment, and enrichment activities.
  • Trial tests, final tests, as well as six-week and nine-week evaluation tests.

Teacher's Resource Book (Digital)
  • Extra practice for each lesson.
  • Separate practice and review of Mastery and Bonus Words for differentiated instruction.
  • Additional diagnostic tests, differentiated unit tests, and writing sample tests.
  • Reteaching follow up, home letters, and additional teaching aids.
  • Writer's Word Bank.
  • Reproducible Homework Spelling Practice worksheets model Unit, Bonus, and Mastery Words in vertical and slant manuscript and cursive for additional practice. Spanish worksheets are provided for Unit Words.

English Language Learners Resource (Digital)

ELL support is provided through specific strategies and activities in the Teacher Edition, Teacher's Resource Book, and English Language Learners Resource, which includes

  • teaching strategies for all activities.
  • unit-specific practice to build context.
  • reteaching activities to reinforce instruction.

Digital Support

Digital Teacher Editions

  • Built-in links provide one-stop access to all digital resources.
  • Personalize through highlighting, notes, and other easy-to-use functionality.
  • Reproducible masters for Unit, Mastery, and Bonus Words.
  • Spelling and Language Practice Masters for unit review.
  • Reproducible Homework Spelling Practice worksheets model Unit, Bonus, and Mastery Words in vertical and slant manuscript and cursive for additional spelling and handwriting practice.
  • Spanish worksheets are provided for Unit Words.
  • ELL-specific teaching strategies.
  • Reproducible reteaching activities for each unit.
  • Accessible on multiple devices including iPads.

Classroom Presentations

Whiteboard-ready lessons for each unit provide whole-class instruction on spelling concepts and generalizations.

Audio Support

A complete library of mp3 files contains weekly unit tests that are ideal for make-up tests and to support English Language Learners.

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