Reading Essentials® in Social Studies

Reading Essentials® in Social Studies

Grades 3–6 | Guided Reading Level M–Z | Lexile Level 520–1200

Explore social studies concepts while developing literacy

Captivate your class with this high-interest series designed to engage students in a wide range of social studies topics while building literacy skills. Develop students’ informational reading skills through instruction and practice using text features, vocabulary in context, charts, timelines, and more. Bring topics to life with high-impact visuals, collaborative activities, and short biographies of women and men of significance. Extend learning through a wide range of activities, related websites, project ideas, and parent/home activities.

Choose either pre-made collections by grade ranges or topic, or let us help you build your own collection aligned with state standards, district curriculum, or C3 standards.

Titles in This Program


Digital Library

Grades 3-4 Collections

Grades 5-6 Collections

Program Features & Resources

Student Books
  • 40–48 pages.
  • Available in print or ebook formats.

Social Studies Features
  • In-depth, yet accessible explanations of social studies topics.
  • Topics align with state standards.
  • Informational text features such as headings, subheadings, photos, timelines, charts, and more.

Content-Area Reading Skills
  • Develops technical vocabulary.
  • Introduces various expository text structures.
  • Builds understanding of informational text features.
  • Practice of critical reading skills.
  • Develops informational reading skills, including
    —cause and effect
    —relate visuals to text
    —compare and contrast
    —and more

Teacher Support

All purchases include digital access to title-specific teaching support.

Digital Library

Includes ebook editions of all Reading Essentials in Social Studies titles and title-specific teacher support.
All teachers, all students—unlimited building access for one year.


Includes one softcover copy of each title in a set and FREE digital teacher resources.


Individual titles are sold in softcover 6-packs conveniently packaged in a storage bag.

Teacher Materials

All purchases of print or ebooks include digital access to title-specific Teaching and Assessment Resources plus a Teaching Content-Area Literacy Strategies Resource.

Teaching and Assessment Resources

Strategies, activities, and information improve comprehension.

  • prereading ideas, reading, writing, vocabulary, and content-area activities
  • content-area vocabulary-building exercises
  • project ideas
  • strategies for use with English Language Learners
  • a chart correlating each title to national standards
  • a skills and strategies chart for each title
  • project ideas for alternative assessment and parent involvement
  • an objective test for each title

Teaching Content-Area Literacy Strategies Resource

Research-based strategies for teaching content-area literacy before, during, and after reading and with English Language Learners.

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Common Core State Standards

Common Core English Language Arts Standards History and Social Studies

Common Core English Language Arts Standards for Reading: Informational Text


California Historical and Social Sciences Content Standards


Florida Grade Levels Expectations Social Studies Content Standards


Missouri State Standards

New York

Ohio Social Studies Academic Content Standards


Pennsylvania Grade Level Expectations Social Sciences Content Standards

South Carolina

South Carolina Grade Level Expectations Social Sciences Content Standards


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