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Reading Express

Grades 3–8

Comprehensive Coverage of State Standards

  • Vocabulary skills
  • Text features
  • Text structures
  • Reading comprehension
  • Literary elements
  • Genres
  • Reading strategies

Intensive Skill Intervention in 5 Easy Steps

Flexible lessons can be adapted to available time frames. Teach a focused minilesson in as little as 10 to 20 minutes; provide a 30-, 60-, or 90-minute intensive skill-development block; or split study over several days.

1. Introduce the Skill

  • An ELL Lesson builds vocabulary and background knowledge.
  • An Explain activity introduces the skill to the whole class or small groups.

2. Model the Skill

  • An Expand Minilesson is available digitally for whiteboard use.
  • Scripted instruction with step-by-step questioning.
  • Designed to engage students.

3. Practice the Skill

  • Gradual release of responsibility model.
  • Move from guided to independent practice.
  • Explore activities are available in both reproducible and consumable workbook format.

4. Assess the Skill

  • An Exit Ticket activity provides one-on-one formative assessment.
  • Online or paper and pencil assessment and progress monitoring using ExamView® software.
  • Separate diagnostics, progress monitoring, and summative assessments.

5. Remediation/Additional Practice

  • Re-Explore activities provide additional skill practice for students who have not met proficiency goals.