Skill-Based Reading Anthologies

Skill-Based Reading Anthologies

Grades 5–12 | Reading Level 2–7

Develop reading skills through high-interest literature

Build students’ reading power and confidence with skill and strategy exercises after each selection.

Each anthology features high-interest selections at reading levels 2–6. Differentiate instruction with social studies and literature themes or use as independent reading—the choice is yours!

End-of-unit tests, graphic organizers, and writing prompts help students prepare for state and national tests.

Titles in This Program


High-Interest Informational

  • Extreme Sports
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  • Famous Crimes and Trials
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  • Giants in the Sports Arena
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  • Modern Disasters
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  • Natural Disasters
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  • Unbelievable Truths That Are Stranger Than Fiction
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  • The American Revolution
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  • America's Early Days
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  • Ancient Civilizations
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  • The Civil War
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  • The Second World War
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  • Settling the West
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  • Ancient Mythology
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  • Chilling Tales from Literature and Legend
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  • Classic Stories from American Literature
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  • Classic Stories from World Literature
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Program Features & Resources


Skill Activities

  • identifying main idea and supporting detail
  • making generalizations
  • determining cause and effect
  • drawing conclusions
  • recognizing inferences
  • using context clues
  • handy chart allows students to easily calculate their words-per-minute reading speed

Prepare for State and National Tests

  • The open-ended and multiple-choice questions and end-of-unit tests match the format of state and standardized tests.
  • Graphic organizers and writing prompts ask students to compare and draw conclusions from several selections.
  • National and state language arts standards are reflected in the skill activities at the end of each selection and unit.
Teacher Materials

Teacher Guide

A Teacher Guide for each title includes a guided reading lesson plan for each selection: pre-teach vocabulary, spur critical thinking, and create a close reading focus. All answers included.

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