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Principles of Psychology

By S. Marc Breedlove | Grades 10–12

A college-level course that teaches the reader how to think critically and scientifically about the underlying mechanisms of behavior

Comprehensive coverage of all topic areas for the AP® Psychology course.


  • Vignette—each chapter begins with a story, an instance when behavior has a big impact on someone’s life; the chapter returns to the vignette several times to cover findings that relate to that particular case
  • Researchers at Work—in every chapter, important discoveries are explained and illustrated to highlight the process of experimentation and hypothesis testing—the progression of experiments provides an increasingly sharper picture of the factors shaping behavior
  • Psychology in Everyday Life—topics where knowledge of psychology might be applicable to everyday life, such as whether people with schizophrenia are violent, the importance of “blind” auditions for musicians, or how conditioned taste aversion might cause you to stop eating sushi when you used to love it
  • The Cutting Edge—explores an exciting report of current research; showing students these vibrant experiments will emphasize that psychology research remains well and alive
  • Think Like a Psychologist: Principles in Action—to close each chapter, each behavioral principle is related back to the vignette
  • FREE Student Companion Website provides students with note guides, flashcards, further reading, and quizzes
  • FREE Instructor Ancillary Resource Center offers the teacher a comprehensive instructor manual, test bank, and PowerPoint presentation resources

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  1. Principles of Psychology

    Principles of Psychology

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    Principles of Psychology

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