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Civics for Today: Participation and Citizenship

Grades 9-12

Develop and encourage responsible citizenship through understanding how government works

Direct involvement in civic life is emphasized in this single semester or full-year text for a United States civics or government course. 336 pages.


  • covers the nature of law, the political process, how the economic system works, and making a difference
  • content and organization follows guidelines set forth in Civitas: A Framework for Civic Education developed by the Center for Civic Education in collaboration with the Council for the Advancement of Citizenship and the National Council for the Social Studies
  • the text stresses citizen participation in civic life, how government works at all levels, and how the economy operates in the world today
  • Reality Check features present real conflicts and situations that illustrate key chapter points
  • Power of One highlights the civic accomplishments of real people
  • chapter review exercises include matching, multiple-choice, essay and document-based questions, and suggested activities
  • complete text of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, and Constitutional Amendments
  • students learn to apply acquired knowledge to real-life situations
  • varied question program ensures students will understand the concepts and ideas in the narrative and be able to apply their knowledge to real-life situations
  • concepts are clarified and amplified by original drawings, political cartoons, photographs, charts, tables, diagrams, and maps

Teacher Manual

Practical support includes concept overviews, key vocabulary, learning objectives, discussion/motivation prompts, questions, activities, and additional sources.


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  1. Civics for Today: Participation and Citizenship, Revised Edition

    Civics for Today: Participation and Citizenship, Revised Edition

    Steven C. Wolfsen

    Student Edition Softcover


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  2. Civics for Today: Participation and Citizenship, Revised Edition

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