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Social Studies Skills

Grades 9–12

Develop important social studies skills needed for success in global geography, world history, government, economics, and current events

Reading selections, writing exercises, maps, and illustrations reflect materials students regularly encounter in social studies classes. Excellent preparation for standardized tests and competency exams. 302 pages.


  • focuses on essential reading comprehension skills needed for understanding key social studies concepts
  • develops strong writing skills for constructing complete sentences and paragraphs when answering questions and opinion essays
  • improves analytical skills for using maps and charts; picture, circle, bar, and line graphs; and photographs, historical prints, and cartoons
  • develops essential skills needed for answering Document-Based Questions
  • frequent checks of understanding with answers and explanations and short passages keep students engaged
  • students encounter increasingly complex ideas as they progress through the chapters
  • assesses understanding through multiple-choice, true-or-false, essay, constructed-response, and Document-Based Questions



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  1. Mastering Social Studies Skills, Fourth Edition

    Mastering Social Studies Skills, Fourth Edition

    Gerard J. Pelisson

    Student Edition Softcover

    Help students develop basic social studies skills and expand rudimentary skills such as reading and listening. Learn More

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  2. Mastering Social Studies Skills, Fourth Edition

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