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Essential U.S. History

Grades 6–9

Tell the story of our nation's past using a straightforward format, accessible to all students

Organized using a chronological framework, this program tells the story of our nation's past. 441 pages.


  • covers the expanse of American history from exploration and colonization through the American Revolution, continental expansionism, the two world wars, the Great Depression, post-war America, the Cold War, and the current era of terrorism
  • embedded, chapter-specific exercises develop map and graph reading skills
  • chapter reviews include matching, multiple-choice, essays, and Document-Based Questions and essays
  • develops essential skills necessary for success on United States history exams
  • regional maps, a glossary, a list of world history websites, and an index help students understand the material in the rest of the book
  • emphasizes the contributions of regional cultures and ethnic groups that have influenced the American way of life
Teacher Package

Teacher Manual

Practical support includes lesson plans, additional assessment opportunities, and an Answer Key.


Additional chapter tests, including multiple-choice, thematic-paragraph, analysis-chart, and Document-Based Questions.


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  1. Essential U.S. History

    Essential U.S. History

    Paul M. Roberts & Paula A. Franklin

    Student Edition Softcover

    This text is designed for a one-year United States history course for adults studying on the high school level and for regular day high school students. Learn More

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  2. Essential U.S. History

    Essential U.S. History

    Teacher Package (Digital Edition)


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