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U.S History (1865–Present) & Constitutional Foundations

Grades 10-12 | Lexile 1170

Dive into fascinating events and themes in United States history through an engaging and in-depth experience!

This comprehensive one-year program explores United States history and the human experience, encouraging civic participation.


  • covers the Civil War to the present, including the conflict with terrorism
  • an extensive introduction to pre-Civil War history provides a deep foundation and context for students to comprehend historic themes and patterns
  • in-depth coverage of the origins, principles, and provisions of the Constitution
  • introduces the physical and early human geography of the United States and its impact on the American experience
  • introduces and provides practice in key social studies skills and practices
    • geographic reasoning
    • gathering, interpreting, and using evidence
    • chronological reasoning
    • comparison and contextualization
    • economics
    • civic participation
  • unit Essential Questions and chapter Compelling Questions focus reading and research on large topics and themes of American history and the Constitution
  • activities presented in the sidebar prompt students to engage with concepts, events, and primary sources
  • letters, political cartoons, editorials, and other primary source documents 
  • inquiry activities—ranging from structured to student-directed—provide ample opportunities to engage in the real work of historians
  • chapter and unit reviews include Key Terms by Theme, stimulus-based questions, multiple-choice questions, document-based questions, and thematic essays
  • enhanced coverage of landmark cases of the United States Supreme Court
  • the four-color design provides strong text and image structure, improves usability, and enhances meaning
  • the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are provided in the Appendix
    Teacher Package

    Teacher Wraparound Edition

    • chapter features include Introduce the Compelling Question, Step into History, Lesson Objectives, Differentiated Instruction, Extending the Lesson, Lesson Summary, and Review
    • special features include Test-Taking Tips, Note-Taking Skills, Research Tips, and Connecting the Past to the Present
    • a Global Context feature focuses on global issues and challenges
    • a Literary Connection feature suggests fiction and informational titles to deepen content knowledge
    • discussion prompts, differentiated instruction, and engaging activities in every lesson
    • digital teacher license includes PowerPoint slides and end-of-course test preparation

    Teacher Resource

    • reproducible primary and secondary source documents with activities to provide practice in key social studies skills
    • chapter lesson planners including a list of objectives, pacing options, social studies practice activities, and source documents referenced
    • formative, chapter, and unit assessments
    • graphic organizers support academic vocabulary, note-taking, and critical thinking skills

    ExamView® Test Generator

    • chapter and unit assessments
    • customize for your classroom



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  1. U.S. History (1865-Present) & Constitutional Foundations

    U.S. History (1865-Present) & Constitutional Foundations

    Andrew Peiser and Michael Serber

    Student Edition Hardcover

    A concise and comprehensive American history and government text covering the Civil War through the present day. Learn More

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  2. U.S. History (1865-Present) & Constitutional Foundations - Florida

    U.S. History (1865-Present) & Constitutional Foundations - Florida

    Teacher Package

    Includes all components of the Wraparound Teacher Edition (ATE) and Teacher Resource (correlated to Florida Standards) in both print and digital formats plus ExamView. Learn More

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