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AMSCO New College French & English Dictionary

Year 3

Define the core vocabularies of French and English with this modern and authoritative resource for native speakers of either language


  • offers extensive help on pronunciation of French and English words
  • all words are treated in a fixed order according to the parts of speech and the functions of verbs
  • shows the user which preposition to use after an adjective, whether the adjective precedes the noun it modifies, and which preposition follows a verb before a dependent infinitive
  • the inclusion of over 3,000 new words and meanings is a major attraction—terms that reflect recent scientific developments as well as current colloquial speech
  • a dictionary-grammar cross-referenced to the body of the dictionary provides abundant grammatical information.
  • 766 pages

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  1. New College French & English Dictionary, Third Edition

    The New College French & English Dictionary, Third Edition

    Roger L. Steiner


    Provides more grammatical help than any other French and English dictionary of its size. Learn More

    In Stock!

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