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French Years 1-3

Eli Blume & Gail Stein | Year 1 • Year 2 • Year 3

Take knowledge of French grammar and culture to the next level!


  • contents link communication and culture by incorporating ACTFL's Five C goal areas and offer plentiful opportunities to apply skills and understandings
  • all points of grammar are illustrated by examples in which key elements are typographically highlighted
  • the organization permits the teacher to follow any sequence suitable to the objectives of the course
  • systematically repeated and carefully-controlled vocabulary enables students to concentrate on structural practice throughout the grammar chapters
  • chapters on French and French American cultures allow students to become familiar with the background of native speakers of French
  • carefully graded, the exercises proceed from simple assimilation to more challenging manipulation of elements and communication
  • a comprehensive appendix provides students with model verb tables and principal parts of common irregular verbs along with basic rules of French pronunciation, syllabication, and stress

Workbook Format

These consumable provide write-on lines for student practice and comprehension.

Review Text

These 6" x 9" Review Texts are designed for ease of study and reference in a proficiency-oriented communicative approach.

First Year

Workbook—456 pages
Review Text—470 pages

Two Years

Workbook—622 pages
Review Text—565 pages

Three Years

Workbook—609 pages
Review Text—585 pages