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German Is Fun

By Margrit Diehl & Elsie M. Szecsy | Year 1 • Year 2

Create excitement with this interactive program specifically designed to meet your students' foreign language graduation requirements!

Enjoyable lessons help beginning and advancing students learn communicative skills in German and attain an acceptable level of proficiency in four basic skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


  • vocabulary is introduced in a real context, for example a menu, a travel poster, or an excerpt from a TV schedule
  • exercises and activities are presented in context and many activities are communicative, providing opportunities for partner or group work
  • lessons include a step-by-step sequence of elements designed to make the materials immediately accessible
  • each chapter has a vocabulary list with words and expressions students need to know, followed by vocabulary-building activities and games to practice new vocabulary in fun and meaningful ways
  • each lesson is followed by a Kulturecke, offering students a picturesque view of German culture

Teacher Manual

Supplementary explanatory notes that teachers may wish to use in suitable classroom contexts are provided.

Audio Program

Book 1 features an Audio Program that reinforces listening comprehension and pronunciation from the material in the Student Edition. Timed pauses allow for student repetition. A script is included in the Teacher Manual.