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Discovering Languages: Latin

Upper Elementary • Middle School

Introduce Latin with an emphasis on beginning language acquisition and cultural awareness with fun and easy-to-teach lessons


  • an illustrative introduction to a specific country, its language, and people, encouraging students to choose a foreign language and culture of interest
  • develops simple communicative skills through entertaining, humorous materials
  • teaches vocabulary through lively drawings that convey meanings of new words without the need of English
  • vocabulary is organized topically—numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year, the body, talking about yourself, and more
  • provides activities of various type—dialogues in cartoon-strip fashion, picture-cued exercises and puzzles, skits and conversations, coloring activities, songs, and games
  • features cultural notes after each lesson, offering views and insights into aspects of the culture that students can easily relate to their own daily lives
  • advances cross-curricular skills by linking foreign language with language arts, social studies, and math
  • 75 pages

Teacher Manual

Includes additional listening and speaking activities, projects, research topics, and information about the history of the Latin language. Available as a CD.



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  1. Discovering Languages: Latin

    Discovering Languages: Latin

    Elaine S. Robbins & Kathryn R. Ashworth

    Student Edition Softcover

    Provide an introduction to Latin, emphasizing limited language acquisition and extensive cultural awareness. Learn More

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  2. Discovering Languages: Latin

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