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Latin Years 1-4: Workbooks & Review Texts in Latin

By Charles I. Freundlich | Year 1 • Year 2 • Years 3 & 4

Take knowledge of Latin grammar and culture to the next level!


  • carefully organized into convenient units and subdivided into lessons
  • an oral classroom conversation with exercises stresses the audio-lingual approach to language acquisition
  • the non-sequential organization of modularized chapters allows for teacher flexibility
  • each chapter is divided into small topical units and reinforced by practice exercises
  • includes illustrations comparing ancient and modern life and maps of Rome and Italy
  • model examinations are included at the end of each book
  • Latin Three and Four Years Review Text addresses all aspects of poetry and Latin prose

Workbook Format

These consumable worktexts perfectly align with the content in the Review Text and provide write-on lines for student practice and comprehension.

Review Text Format

These 6" x 9" Review Texts are designed for ease of study and reference in a proficiency-oriented communicative approach.