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Discovering Languages: Spanish

Upper Elementary • Middle School

Introduce Spanish with an emphasis on beginning language acquisition and cultural awareness with fun and easy-to-teach lessons


  • an illustrative introduction to a specific country, its language, and people, encouraging students to choose a foreign language and culture of interest
  • develops simple communicative skills through entertaining materials
  • teaches vocabulary through lively drawings that convey meanings of new words without the need of English
  • vocabulary is organized topically—numbers, colors, days of the week, months of the year, the body, talking about yourself, and more
  • provides activities of various types—dialogues in cartoon-strip fashion, picture-cued exercises and puzzles, skits and conversations, coloring activities, songs, and games
  • features illustrated cultural notes after each lesson, offering views and insights into aspects of foreign culture that students can easily relate to their own daily lives
  • advances cross-curricular skills by linking foreign language with language arts, social studies, and math
  • 74 pages
Teacher Package

Audio Program

Oral exercises and dialogues with appropriate timed pauses allow for student response and repetition. Songs incorporating key vocabulary are included.

Teacher Manual

Includes additional listening and speaking activities, projects, research topics, and information about the history of the Spanish language.


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  1. Discovering Languages: Spanish

    Discovering Languages: Spanish

    Elaine S. Robbins & Kathryn R. Ashworth

    Student Edition Softcover

    Introduce Spanish with fun and easy-to-teach lessons! Beautifully illustrated throughout, this series provides students a chance to experience a new language, country, and people through short, high-interest activities. The companion audio program and teaching resource provides oral exercises, dialogs, songs, and listening/speaking activities to develop basic communication skills. Learn More

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  2. Discovering Languages: Spanish

    Discovering Languages: Spanish

    Teacher Package (Digital Edition)


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