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Spanish Is Fun

By Heywood Wald | Introductory Level • Year 1 • Year 2

Create excitement with this interactive program specifically designed to meet your students' foreign language graduation requirements!

Amusing lessons help beginning and advancing students learn communicative skills in Spanish and attain an acceptable level of proficiency in four basic skills—listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

NEW! Books A and B cover the same material as Book 1 with the added flexibility of choosing the configuration best for your classroom.


  • vocabulary is introduced through lively illustrations that serve as mnemonic devices
  • grammatical and vocabulary structures are reinforced by brief, fun narratives
  • chapters are summarized by illustrated conversations, personalized dialogue activities, and other practice
  • students are acquainted to life in the Spanish-speaking world by a cultural section at the end of each chapter
  • review units feature games, puzzles, and picture stories

Companion Workbook (Cuaderno de ejercicios)

This workbook supplements the practice materials in the Student Edition. Vocabulary and structural elements are coordinated with parallel chapters in the Student Edition. New editions include an updated art program to enhance student understanding and engagement. Answers are included in the Teacher Manual.

Teacher Package

Audio Program

Reinforces listening comprehension and drill pronunciation and includes

  • questions, completions, and optional oral exercises, all derived from the material in the Student Edition
  • timed pauses to allow for student repetition
  • a printed script (in Teacher Manual)

Teacher Manual

Provides answers to all exercises in the Student Edition and the Companion Workbook. Achievement tests measure ongoing progress and language proficiency. Optional end of lesson quizzes, end of part tests, and oral exercises are also included for every lesson.