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Spanish Practice & Testing

Year 1 • Year 2 • Year 3

Demonstrate proficiency in speaking, writing, and reading and listening comprehension


  • format reflects testing modalities used in Spanish proficiency examinations
  • 80 oral communication tasks for developing and testing speaking skills in socializing, providing and obtaining information, expressing personal feelings, and persuasion
  • 80 listening comprehension passages with multiple-choice responses provided graphically, in English, and scaffolded to Spanish
  • 50 to 100 reading comprehension exercises based on environmental print (all levels) and extended reading passages (levels 2 and 3 only); multiple-choice responses are provided in English and scaffolded to Spanish
  • writing prompts for informal notes (level 1); informal notes, story narratives, and formal letters (level 2); and long narratives and letters (level 3)
  • a Spanish/English glossary

Audio Program

Includes sample oral communication tasks, a script, and all listening comprehension settings and passages spoken by native speakers with timed pauses to allow for student responses.

Teacher Manual

Includes the oral communications tasks with sample sets of responses for each category, listening comprehension settings and passages, and answers and sample responses for notes and lists.