1Comprehend the Text Using Immersive Reader

Better comprehension for ALL students.
All types of students can comprehend text using Immersive Reader.

ADAPT the reading passage based on their own abilities and learning styles.

TRANSLATE and hear the text in their native language—dozens of languages available!

ENHANCE learning using a picture dictionary, adding line focus, or identifying syllables and parts of speech.

CUSTOMIZE readability by changing font type, size, and background color.

2Read for Meaning with Interactive Texts

Students move from skimming and scanning to discovering evidence and extracting meaning.

IDENTIFY, label, and comment on textual evidence.

COLLECT evidence automatically in a digital notebook.

TRANSFER ideas and evidence into discussion and writing tasks.

3Participate and Share with Collaboration Walls

Reduce students’ reluctance to join in conversations.
Inclusive opportunity for all students to share ideas.

SHARE ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions.

PARTICIPATE in dynamic, inclusive discussions both online and in small groups.

TRACK and grade participation in real time.

4Encourage Exploration

Bring physics and math to life with simulations, interactive activities, and virtual labs.
Example problems from First Person Physics.
Example problems from math

EXPLORE concepts with interactive activities.

CLOSE LEARNING GAPS with point-of-use video instruction by master teachers.

PRACTICE to mastery with i-Practice personalized math problem sets.