Our Mission


As an Iowa-grown, family-owned business since 1926, Perfection Learning partners with educators to provide solutions that break down learning barriers and help all students realize their potential. We are proud to:

  • Develop innovative digital and print curriculum in grades 6–12 language arts, Advanced Placement,® and supplemental courses.
  • Create engaging and rigorous resources that meet the needs of educators and K–12 students as educational trends shift.
  • Embrace professional growth for the long term by investing in our team.
  • Band together as a team to take initiative, collaborate, think critically, and learn and grow as individuals.


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What Sets Us Apart


  • Understanding that the learning process constantly changes.
  • Commitment to not only adapt, but to be part of the change.
  • Recognition that these changes affect every classroom.
  • Constantly driving towards improving learning outcomes for EVERY student.

Organizational Culture


  • Take Initiative—We set the bar high for ourselves, empower initiative, and hold ourselves accountable to our customers and colleagues.
  • Work Together—We recognize that to succeed individually, we must succeed as a team.
  • Think Critically—We ask ourselves the hard questions as we seek ways to improve our products, service, processes, and performance.
  • Learn and Grow—We encourage each person to reach their potential through learning opportunities, feedback, and reflection.
  • Build for the Long Term—We invest in our people, keep our lives in balance, and do things the right way.


Our Benefits


  • Health insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • Dental and vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • PTO/paid holidays
  • Retirement planning
  • Machine Readable Files (MRFs)