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Teacher Resource Digital Library

Grades 1–12

Digital access to over 1,300 literature-based resources!

For one low price, get digital access to over 1,300 reproducible literature guides and tests for popular novels and nonfiction. 

Save hours of preparation time with the wide range of activities, projects, and assessments available. 

The digital subscription is accessible by one teacher, for one year.

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Portals to Reading

Grades 1–8

Practice of essential reading skills through literature

  • Reproducible activities focus on the main components of reading success—phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing skills.
  • To make learning meaningful, students practice and apply skills as they read popular children's literature.
  • Choose which activities best meet your students' skill development to individualize instruction.
  • The variety of skill lessons offer opportunity to monitor student progress.
  • The lessons align with state standards and the skills covered in your reading program.

Portals Plus

Grades 3–8

Cross-curricular reading skills based on popular books

  • Reproducible activities reinforce important standards-based skills and learning strategies in a cross-section of subject areas.
  • The pick-and-choose format lets you select activities that best match the interests, skill levels, and learning styles of your students.
  • Each resource includes approximately 15 activities in
    • language arts
    • critical thinking
    • arts
    • science
    • math
    • social studies
    • study skills
    • geography

Portals to Literature

Grades 6–12

Literary skills for middle and high school readers**

  • 25 to 40 thought-provoking reproducible activities develop literary skills and concepts.
  • Students learn to analyze, interpret, and respond to a novel with
    • comprehension checks
    • writing prompts
    • vocabulary builders
    • discussion suggestions

Masterprose & Contemporary Classics

Grades 6–12

Great resources to teach great literature—in one handy packet

  • Guide students through an in-depth analysis of American, British, and world literature with valuable reproducibles.
  • Contemporary Classics highlights 20th century literature, while Masterprose highlights literature written before 1900.
  • Student materials include vocabulary study, character analysis, objective tests and an essay test, study questions, and more.
  • Teacher materials include biographical information, stylistic analysis, a plot synopsis, enrichment projects, discussion questions, and more.

Alternative Assessment for Literature

Grades 3–12

Performance-based projects demonstrate learning

  • Ready to use and easy to implement, over performance-based projects let students demonstrate their understanding of a contemporary or classic literature title. Students can write a ballad, define a dialect, draw a map, and more.
  • The variety of activities appeals to different learning styles—linguistic, visual, kinesthetic, and more.
  • Reproducible rubric charts allow students to become involved in the assessment.
  • Additional teacher support includes
    • book synopsis
    • questions for before, during, and reading
    • suggestions for developing your own standards and criteria
    • suggestions for adapting projects to various learning styles and modalities


Grades 6–12

Enhance novel studies with contemporary and historical information

  • Link literature to social studies with primary and secondary resources; historical information; and open-ended, student-centered activities.
  • The resources offer literary insight through plot synopses, author biographies, critics' comments, and glossaries.
  • Create meaningful source and historical context with resources about the period, including timelines, maps, essays, letters, and more.
  • The open-ended, student-centered activities are suitable for individual or small-group learning and develop analytical, creative, critical, and evaluative thinking skills.

Literature Tests

Grades 4–12

Save valuable hours—we've created tests for the most frequently taught literature titles

  • Choose from over 300 objective and essay tests for the most frequently taught literature titles.
  • Objective tests measure literal comprehension of the plot, setting, and characters with true/false, multiple choice, and matching formats. Choose from 50- and 100-question formats.
  • Essay tests include six to ten literal and interpretive questions to help students develop critical thinking strategies.
  • Answer keys are provided.

Each title included in the digital library has a variety of resources available for teaching support.

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Portals to Reading Jr.

Customer Reviews

Portals to Reading

"We use Portals, Portals Plus, and Portals Jr. when teaching ESL. We have been purchasing Portals Jr. as we can afford new titles, and it is doing amazing things for our ESL students."

Grades 6–8 Teacher
Bonman Middle School
Plano, Texas

"I love the novel units Portals to Reading. After using them for several years I've found that students have grasped the essentials of what they need to know about the book as well as the word study info. As the students get better at performing in the packets they are allowed to skip certain pages of the word study."

Special Education Team Leader
West Springfield Elementary
Springfield, Virginia

"I love the Portals to Reading series. They teach the skills that are no longer addressed in the current reading manuals. You have brought back the basics! These are laid out well and assess comprehension throughout. I plan to order again when reading monies become available. I spend all Reading Improvement money on these Portals and will continue to do so in order to teach novels! Thanks!"

Third Grade Teacher
North Jacksonville Elementary
Jacksonville, Illinois

Alternative Assessment for Literature

"I recently ordered the novel Night and accompanying materials. The Alternative Assessment packet is fantastic! Thank you so much. I'm using it for my whole unit, it's really valuable."

Carol Gutekanst


"I am so very impressed with the materials in the Latitudes resources for Summer of My German Solider. I never expected the materials to be so thoroughly researched and so rich in detail. Every aspect of the book has been dealt with completely and sensitively."

Dealey Montessori Academy M.S.
Dallas, Texas

Literature Tests

"I have used your supplementary tests since the late 60s, early 70s."

Campbell Middle School
Daytona Beach, Florida

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