Math Companion

Math Companion

Grades 3–8

The perfect companion for your math classroom

Systematic, standards-based instruction, practice, and assessment build students’ mastery.

Using the four-step process, diagnose student performance, target the most important topics, and guide students through scaffolded instruction, practice, and assessment. Each lesson begins with an assessment of prior knowledge, builds the targeted skill through guided practice, and develops students’ competence and confidence using independent practice and partner activities. Unit practice tests provide a range of standardized test items to assess progress and identify areas requiring additional instruction or intervention.

Individualize instruction through diagnostic tests, lesson progress monitoring, and unit tests, calibrate preparedness for state tests using two full-length assessments.

Titles in This Program



  • Math Companion - Grade 3
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  • Math Companion - Grade 4
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  • Math Companion - Grade 5
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  • Math Companion - Grade 6
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  • Math Companion - Grade 7
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  • Math Companion - Grade 8
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Program Features & Resources


Diagnostic Pretest

A Tryout Test determines strengths and weaknesses and guides individual instruction with questions matching those found on new state and national assessments.

Skill-Focused Lessons

Lessons provide interactive guided instruction followed by independent practice. Students exhibit math understanding by showing and explaining math concepts.

Unit Tests

Skill-focused lessons within a Unit conclude with a practice test to ensure student understanding.

Progress Test

Following all of the lessons, the Progress Test gauges student improvement on the same skills and question types featured on state tests.

Mastery Test

Providing additional questions modeled on state tests, this final assessment offers an overview of the skills and concepts students have mastered and incorporates a range of test item types including multiple choice, open response, and multi-part questions.

Teacher Materials

Teacher Editions

  • a reproducible answer key chart to use to assess students' strengths and weaknesses
  • answers and solutions for all lesson and test questions
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