Measuring Up Live

Individualized Assessment, Practice & Instruction for All Students

Grades 1–8, EOC

Measuring Up Live 2.0 delivers innovative assessment and practice technology designed to offer data-driven instructional support. Measuring Up supplemental instruction is available in print as well as eBook.


Diagnostic, Benchmarking, CBA, Formative, Exit Ticket & State Practice Tests

  • Choose from Measuring Up published assessments, which include state practice tests.
  • Create an assessment with the standards-based item bank that includes a variety of item types.
  • Choose to have each item tagged with difficulty and cognitive level.
  • Access actionable data and reporting to inform instruction.
  • Automatically connect performance to adaptive standards practice through MyQuest.
Image of laptop with data from Measuring Up InsightImage of laptop with data from Measuring Up Insight

Supplemental Instruction

  • Access Measuring Up lessons designed with scaffolded instruction supporting standards mastery.
  • Additional focused instruction resources are also available—Keep on Reading and Word Explorer.
    —ELA programs support reading comprehension and vocabulary development.
    —Math programs support problem solving strategies and computational fluency and skills.
Image of iPad with Instruction from Measuring Up ReachImage of iPad with Instruction from Measuring Up Reach

Personalized Standards-Based Adaptive Practice

  • Two ways to deliver practice.
  • Automatic assignment based on Insight performance.
  • Teacher activates the standards.
  • Corrective feedback provides scaffolded support.
  • A built-in reward system includes game-based rewards, tokens, leader boards, and more.
Image of with Instruction from Measuring Up MyQuestImage of with Instruction from Measuring Up MyQuest

Pricing & Purchase

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