Measuring Up

Assess students, target instruction & offer differentiated, adaptive practice

Measuring Up for English Language Learners

Grades 1–8

Incorporates research-based best practices for English Language Learners and an integrated approach that includes a focus on language acquisition strategies.

Measuring Up Getting Ready for ELLs 2.0 Success

Grades 1–High School

Cover all WIDA® English Language Proficiency standards, offer unparalleled teacher support, and reduce test anxiety with familiar test-style items. Four thematic units, grade-level practice books, and a comprehensive Teacher Edition ensure success at all proficiency levels.

Measuring Up Foundations

Grades 1–8

Measuring Up Foundations focuses on the essential foundational skills in math and literacy that are critical for students to meet academic success. Mastering the prerequisite and foundational skills helps to close the learning gap, allowing students to bridge to grade-level learning.

Measuring Up English Language Arts & Mathematics

Grades 2–8

Incorporate standards-driven teaching strategies to complement your English language arts and math curriculum, whether in intervention, before-school or after-school programs, summer school, or for tracking progress and establishing benchmarks.

Measuring Up Next Generation Science Standards

Grades 4, 5 & 8

Offers comprehensive NGSS coverage, targeting instruction and providing rigorous standards practice. Instructional worktexts promote the analysis and interpretation of data, critical thinking, problem solving, and connecting science curriculum to other subject areas.

Measuring Up Live 2.0

Levels A–H | Grades 1–8

Measuring Up Live 2.0 delivers innovative assessment and practice technology designed to offer data-driven instructional support. Measuring Up supplemental instruction is available in print as well as eBook.