Advanced Placement®—Social Studies

Achieve AP® Success with AMSCO® Coursebooks

Developed by leading experts, AMSCO coursebooks meet the challenge of AP courses by offering the right level of subject depth, instruction, and practice. Each coursebook is designed to prepare students for AP success with the rigor of a college-level course.

  • Precise alignment to the latest Course and Exam Description (CED).
  • Text written to make AP content accessible to all students.
  • Scaffolded instruction.
  • High-quality primary sources.
  • Extensive practice with AP-style questions, including three full-length exams.

The streamlined content allows teachers to focus on what really matters—ensuring students learn to think critically, evaluate sources, and develop coherent arguments.

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Image of AMSCO U.S. History book and Openstax U.S. History BookImage of AMSCO U.S. History book and Openstax U.S. History Book

Support for College Board® Course Audit Approval

Perfection Learning/AMSCO is an OpenStax ally. We join OpenStax in the mission to improve access to affordable educational materials by providing additional resources for OpenStax books. OpenStax is committed to providing free, peer-reviewed textbook content and offering multiple options for instructors who need additional resources for their course.

This alliance allows us to provide the most in-depth resources and support for your classroom instruction and course audit approval.

Each College Board-approved OpenStax text has been aligned with an AP social studies coursebook from Perfection Learning/AMSCO. All paired OpenStax texts are:

  • Available at no additional charge.
  • Listed on the College Board example textbook lists.
  • Pre-approved for AP Course Audit submission.

NEW Interactive Editions

You want all your students engaged in learning. We use the latest instructional technology and design to ensure accessibility and help you create a dynamic, inclusive classroom.

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100% aligned to College Board CEDs.

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AMSCO coursebooks are used in over 1/3 of all U.S. high schools offering AP courses.


Developed with leading experts.

Accessibility—Reach All AP Students

  • Readability
  • Scaffolded Learning Tasks
  • Streamlined Content
  • Adaptive Reading Support
  • Streamlined Note-Taking
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Develop College Readiness Skills

Students gain the critical “thinking” and “doing” skills required in rigorous college courses through extended practice in:

  • Evaluating authors’ perspectives.
  • Analyzing primary and secondary sources.
  • Citing textual evidence to support arguments.
  • Developing cohesive written arguments.

Exam Readiness

Chapter & Unit AP Test Practice

All of the items in chapter and unit tests have been meticulously constructed to model the format and quality of those on the exam. Each question is tied to a specific learning objective, and teachers have access to scoring rubrics and model answers.

Summative Assessment

Each text also includes a complete practice exam mirroring the directions, timing, question formats, and content scope of the actual AP exam. Each test item is correlated to a specific learning objective from the exam framework, allowing teachers to quickly diagnose individual and class performance.

Assessment—Interactive Editions

Auto scoring, auto grading, rubrics. All of the interactive editions include hundreds of practice test items from topic, chapter, unit, and summative assessments. Document-Based Questions, long essay, and short-answer questions include rubrics at point of use for easy grading.

Photo of a teacher working with a studentPhoto of a teacher working with a student

Image of customizable PowerPoints DashboardImage of customizable PowerPoints Dashboard

Extensive Teacher Support

  • Teacher Resource—best-choice answers are identified for each multiple-choice question. Rubrics and suggested good responses are provided for all free-response questions.
  • Customizable PowerPoints
  • Correlation to the College Board CED
  • Two additional full-length practice tests with rationales
  • Pacing Guides with links to open educational resources

Teacher materials are sold only to educators in conjunction with a classroom set purchase of print or digital student editions. Purchase order required and teacher materials are shipped to school or district address only. Contact your educational sales consultant to order teacher materials.

Pricing & Purchase

Student Purchases

  • Student edition pricing options.
  • Take Home Order Form available for schools to send home with students.


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