Develop College Readiness Skills

Develop College Readiness Skills

Students gain the critical “thinking” and “doing” skills required in rigorous college courses through extended practice in:

  • Evaluating authors’ perspectives.
  • Analyzing primary and secondary sources.
  • Citing textual evidence to support arguments.
  • Developing cohesive written arguments.


Image of two students in libraryImage of two students in library

Image of Interactive EditionImage of Interactive Edition

Discussion & Collaboration Skills

Engage students through collaboration.

  • Participate in dynamic, inclusive discussions both online and in small groups.
  • Share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions.
  • Track and grade participation in real time.


Reasoning Processes

Each course features “Think As” activities (e.g., “Think as a Historian” and “Think as an Economist”) that build students’ skills in reasoning processes. These skills, which are precisely aligned to the appropriate CED topic(s), are critical for success on longer writing tasks.

Image of 2 Think as an EconomistImage of 2 Think as an Economist

Image of Historical PerspectivesImage of Historical Perspectives

Real-World Application

Develop enduring understanding of big ideas, apply critical reasoning processes, and encourage student collaboration with activities designed to give students a perspective on how practicing professionals approach their discipline.

Writing Rigor & Fluency

Success on the AP® exam requires strong writing skills. Each course features writing activities to help students identify and organize evidence, structure arguments, and achieve successful outcomes on the exam.

Image of Write as a HistorianImage of Write as a Historian

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