Advanced Placement®

Social Studies

Support for College Board® Course Audit Approval

Perfection Learning®/AMSCO® has partnered with Rice University, publisher of OpenStax textbooks, to provide the most in-depth resources and support for your classroom instruction and course audit approval. Find this partnership on the College Board Example Textbook Lists identified as OpenStax.

Each College Board-approved OpenStax text has been aligned with an AP® social studies coursebook from Perfection Learning/AMSCO. All paired OpenStax texts are:

  • Available at no additional charge.
  • Listed on the College Board example textbook lists.
  • Pre-approved for AP Course Audit submission.
Image all the Social Studies titles Image all the Social Studies titles

Our best-selling, classroom-proven AP coursebooks paired with the high-quality, peer-reviewed college textbooks from OpenStax are available for these courses:

  • AP U.S. History
  • AP U.S. Government & Politics
  • AP Microeconomics
  • AP Macroeconomics
  • AP Psychology
  • AP World History: Modern Coming Soon


If your course is not listed above, we can support you with pairings to other College Board pre-approved, open-source textbooks:

  • AP Human Geography, published by the University of North Georgia
  • AP World History: Modern, published by the OER Project


For each paired text, your classroom will get:

  • Digital access to the OpenStax student text.
  • A Pacing Guide with suggestions for using the OpenStax or other OER text with your AMSCO coursebook.

Image of AP U.S. History Pacing GuideImage of AP U.S. History Pacing Guide

Pacing Guides & Paired Text

  • Direct links to content in the OpenStax or other OER text enhance and expand coverage of topics in the AMSCO coursebook.
  • Recommended day-by-day pacing builds on College Board CED guidelines and is available by topic and by day in the school year.
  • Additional links to other vetted, open educational resources, including videos by leading educators, relevant articles, and primary sources.
AP European History Paired Text Pacing Guide
AP Human Geography Paired Text Pacing Guide
AP Macroeconomics Paired Text  I  Pacing Guide
AP Microeconomics Paired Text  I  Pacing Guide
AP Psychology Paired Text  I  Pacing Guide
AP U.S. Government & Politics Paired Text  I  Pacing Guide—Semester
                         Pacing Guide—Year
AP U.S. History Paired Text  I  Pacing Guide
AP World History: Modern Paired Text  I  Pacing Guide

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