Advanced Placement®—English

Advanced Placement®—English

Grades 10–12

Achieve AP® success with AMSCO® coursebooks

Make college-level content accessible to all students without sacrificing the rigor required for success.

Engage your students with carefully-selected unit anchor texts that serve as models and offer opportunities for in-depth analysis. Assess skills and build exam confidence and competence throughout the course with carefully crafted AP®-style multiple-choice questions, as well as essay, analysis, argument, and synthesis prompts. Evaluate final preparation with a complete summative test that mirrors the directions, timing, question formats, and content scope of the actual AP® exam.

All with the benefit of decades of AP® expertise with our team of veteran AP® teachers, Exam Readers, Test Item Writers, Table Leaders, and College Board Consultants!

New! Writing for the AP Exam: English Language and Composition

Free-response questions make up 55% of the overall score on the AP Language exam.

Provide students with a consistent plan for successfully approaching each FRQ type on exam day.

Explore curated reading lists that pair with AMSCO® AP® English coursebooks.

Teachers will first be excited about the straight talk and laser focus of these coursebooks. Next, they will appreciate how the writers expand that focus to improve all aspects of reading and writing. With texts and activities chosen to allow for scaffolded growth and diverse perspectives, there is something for learners at a variety of achievement levels and backgrounds.

Dr. Brandon Abdon, Senior Author

Doctor of Arts, English

Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board®, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, these products.

Titles in This Program


Advanced Placement®—English

  • Advanced Placement English Language and Composition Look Inside!
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  • Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition Look Inside!
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Program Features & Resources


The Promise and Challenge of Advanced Placement®

Prepare Students for Success

  • Patterned after the most current AP® course and exam descriptions, AP® editions provide scaffolded instruction, high-quality texts, accessible content, and multiple practice opportunities—all necessary for success on the AP® exam.
  • Students will learn to closely read a text, evaluate writing, and compose their own arguments—skills required in college, career, and civic life.

Detailed Alignment to College Board Frameworks

Successfully Navigate the AP® Course and Exam

  • Each text has been carefully correlated to the corresponding AP® course and exam framework.
    AP® English Language and Composition
    AP® English Literature and Composition
  • Written and reviewed by College Board consultants and experienced instructors, our materials meticulously cover the entire course scope and expectations in the sequence provided by the College Board and within a concise narrative.

Making AP® Accessible to ALL Students

A Commitment to Equity and Excellence

  • Making college-level content accessible to high school students is of the utmost importance in ensuring success.
  • Each text is carefully written and designed to ensure all students comprehend key ideas, learn and use concept vocabulary, and build their analytical and writing skills.

Scaffolded Learning Tasks

  • AMSCO® curriculum builds capacity, without sacrificing rigor, and supports students to develop the content knowledge and skills necessary to be successful.
  • Essential unit questions help students focus on key learning targets.
  • Challenging concepts are supported visually with engaging charts and graphics to improve student understanding.
  • Close reading, evaluating writing, and On Your Own exercises provide targeted practice for all required skills.
  • For AP® Lang: Writing to the Prompt features guide students to write effective argumentative paragraphs, providing instruction that builds to a complete essay response.
  • For AP® Lit: Features on the writer's craft and the critic's craft strengthen creative and analytic skills.

AP® Classroom Reading Lists

  • Increase engagement around the knowledge and skills students are learning in AP® English courses through the use of challenging and relevant novels and nonfiction.
  • These reading lists were curated specifically to pair with our AMSCO® AP® English Language and Composition and AP® English Literature and Composition texts.
  • The titles were selected from those excerpted in the texts as well as those suggested by the College Board and frequently used titles on the exams.
    AP® Language Reading List
    AP® Literature Reading List
Look Inside
Interactive Editions

NEW Interactive Editions—Break Down Learning Barriers

Interactive editions available for Back to School.

You want all your students engaged in learning. We use the latest instructional technology and design to ensure accessibility and help you create a dynamic, inclusive classroom.

Better comprehension for ALL students

Comprehension is the gateway to meaning, and our state-of-the art Immersive Reader technology delivers.
ALL students have the power to

  • adapt the reading passage based on their own abilities and learning differences.
  • translate and hear the text in their native language—dozens of languages available.
  • enhance learning using a picture dictionary, add line focus (1, 3, or 5 lines of text), or identify parts of speech and syllables.
  • customize readability by changing font type, size, and background colors.

Interactive Texts—identify and extract textual evidence

Students can quickly

  • identify, label, and comment on textual evidence.
  • collect evidence in a digital notebook.
  • reference textual evidence when completing activities and responding to free response questions.

Engage students through collaboration

Reduce reluctance to participate through the Collaboration Wall.
Students and teachers can use familiar social media tools to

  • participate in dynamic discussions both online and in small groups.
  • share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions.
  • track and grade participation in real time.

Inform instruction and intervention with real-time data and user-friendly reports

Teachers can quickly

  • create student and class proficiency reports based on the College Board's Course and Exam Descriptions.
  • review participation scoring for collaborative and discussion activities.
  • access a comprehensive grade book.
  • generate item analysis and usage reports by student or class.
Teacher Materials

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Teacher Resource

Comprehensive Teacher Resource includes a complete answer key, with model responses to questions, and correlations to the skills and essential knowledge articulated in the Course and Exam Description. The resource also includes reproducible worksheets with scaffolded writing tasks.

For AP® Lang: A Framework for teaching writing through inquiry offers guidance in generating and researching meaningful questions.


Content correlations to the College Board's course and exam descriptions may be found in the Teacher Resource.

Chapter and Unit AP® Test Practice

All of the items in chapter and unit tests—multiple-choice and free-response—have been meticulously constructed to model the format and quality of those on the exam. Each question is tied to a specific learning objective, and teachers have access to scoring rubrics and model answers.

Summative Assessment

The Student Edition includes a complete practice exam mirroring the directions, timing, question formats, and content scope of the actual AP® exam. Each test item is correlated to a specific learning objective from the exam framework, allowing teachers to quickly diagnose individual and class performance.

The Teacher Resource requires a school purchase order and school delivery.


Detailed Alignment to the Corresponding AP® Curriculum Framework

The Student Edition and Teacher Resource have been carefully aligned to the AP® course description and exam framework and continuously updated following course and exam revisions by the College Board.

Correlations are included are included in the Teacher Resource.

AP® English Language and Composition

AP® English Literature and Composition

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