Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

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Cover all the essential content and prepare students for the AP exam through a perfect blend of literary works, written by both classic and contemporary writers, and practical writing instruction. Students examine the choices literary writers make and the techniques they use to achieve purpose and generate meaning. Scaffolded activities develop student competence in close reading, critical analysis, and interpretation of imaginative literature, while features on the writer's craft and the critic's craft strengthen creative and analytic skills. Track student progress with unit reviews, assessments, and a full-length practice exam modeled on the new CED. A Teacher Resource is available only to teachers and with a school purchase order by contacting your Sales Consultant.

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Achieve AP® Success with AMSCO®!

Make college-level content accessible to all your students without sacrificing the rigor required for success.

  • Cover all the essential content and prepare students for the AP® Exam through a perfect blend of literary works, written by both classic and contemporary writers.
  • Engage students with 9 anchor reading texts to foster rereading and literary analysis, as well as multiple secondary texts for instruction and analysis.
  • Develop student competence through scaffolded activities in close reading, critical analysis, and interpretation of imaginative literature.
  • Strengthen creative and analytical skills with features on the writer’s craft and the critic’s craft.
  • Evaluate final preparation with a complete summative test that mirrors the directions, timing, question formats, and content scope of the actual AP® Exam.
  • Questions based on the AP® Exam formats
    —more than 250 multiple-choice questions
    —8 poetry analysis prompts
    —9 prose fiction analysis prompts
    —9 literary argument prompts
    —1 complete practice test modeled on the AP® Exam
  • Features to develop skills tested on the AP® Exam
    Close Reading activities help develop literary analysis skills.
    Creating on Your Own activities give students an opportunity to use what they have just learned in their own creative writing.
    Reflect on the Essential Question features review key learning objectives.
    Apply What You Have Learned activities give students opportunities to use the literary analysis skills they have developed.
Program Details
Brandon Abdon, Senior Author, Doctor of Arts, English

Brandon Abdon worked for five years as Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment for the AP® English courses at The College Board, during which time he collaborated with experts from around the country to develop the Course and Exam Descriptions (CEDs) now in use. This work was a culmination of more than 15 years’ experience in high schools and universities, teaching both the AP® English Language and Composition and the AP® English Literature and Composition courses as well as college composition and literature and teacher education courses. He has also taught or trained thousands of teachers around the country. He has served as an AP® Reader, led many professional developments, and offered dozens of conference presentations. Currently, he serves as professional development consultant for the Advanced Placement® program and works as an Education Specialist and Curriculum Coach in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Rebecca McFarlan, Author, Master of Arts, English

Rebecca McFarlan is a National Board Certified teacher who has taught English at both the high school and college level for many years. She has more than three decades of experience teaching both AP® English Literature and AP® English Language courses. She has been a reader and more recently a table leader for the AP® English Literature Exam. She is also a College Board Consultant for AP® English Literature, AP® English Language, and the Capstone AP® Research course. Rebecca served on the College Board’s Instructional Development Committee to help develop instructional materials for teachers of AP® Literature. She developed three online workshops for AP® Central, contributed to the AP® Literature Mentor materials, and worked on the development of several PreAP® workshops. Rebecca is also a recipient of the Martha Holden Jennings Master Teacher award.

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Grade Level 10-12
Fiction/Nonfiction Fiction
Publisher PLC
Series AP Literature

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