Flexible Implementation Options

Flexible Implementation Options

Whether you're looking for a supplement to enhance your current instructional resources or a focused skills-based reading program, Connections: English Language Arts offers flexible implementation options.

high school classroom with teacherhigh school classroom with teacher

example of supplementing the core with Connections ELAexample of supplementing the core with Connections ELA

Use to Supplement Your Curriculum

If you find you need additional skills support and scaffolding for your students, Connections: English Language Arts can supplement what you are already doing in your classroom.

Using short, focused literature excerpts to teach, practice, and apply specific ELA skills, reinforce the skills students need to better comprehend. See the instructional roadmaps below to explore how you can dip in and dip out of the resource to introduce a skill or for reteaching/reviewing as needed.

Use as a Core

Connections: English Language Arts covers 100% of the English Language Arts standards for each grade level. Teach the program as structured with a focus on the Essential Question.

Each unit includes selection-level assessments, unit-level project-based assessments, and multiple writing opportunities to respond to texts as well as synthesize across texts.

The program allows a teacher to work with ANY group of students (support with reteaching, general education classes, ELLs, and Gifted/Talented). Differentiated instruction is embedded into the program and focuses on building skills, including inquiry. Expand students’ vocabulary and break down learning barriers through repeated practice and application.

example of using Connections ELA as a core instructional toolexample of using Connections ELA as a core instructional tool

Instructional Roadmaps

Grade-Level Skills Charts

Lesson Planning & Pacing Guides