Connections: Literature

Connections: Literature

Grades 9–12

Immerse students in outstanding literature while developing critical reading and writing skills

Captivate student interest with classic and contemporary texts.

Each of the six anthologies incorporates a literary analysis feature for every selection. The Literary Lens activities provide the focus for close reading, questions for discussion and collaboration, and prompts for written responses.

The streamlined lesson design and focused skill development enables quick lesson planning and easy classroom implementation. Integrate into your curriculum by unit, selection, or learning objective.

Interactive Editions feature a range of learning tools to improve comprehension (translation, text-to-speech, reading accessibility features), close reading and text analysis (annotation and note-taking tools), discussion and collaboration (real-time Collaboration Walls), and much more.

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Literature & Thought

Titles in This Program



  • American Voices
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  • British Literature
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  • A Multicultural Reader: Collection One
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  • A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two
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  • Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers
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  • Reading the World
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Program Features & Resources


Literary Analysis

  • A Literary Lens identifies one aspect of each selection for students to analyze, discuss, and write about.
  • Each anthology has a grade-specific Special Focus, encouraging students to "dig deeper" to draw meaning from the text through reading and writing activities.
    —Middle School: A Multicultural Reader: Collection One | Making Cultural Connections
    —Ninth Grade: Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers | Writing Workshops
    —Tenth Grade: Reading the World | Research
    —Eleventh Grade: American Voices | Author's Style
    —Twelfth Grade: British Literature | Critical Reading & Analysis
    —High School: A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two | Making Cultural Connections

Instructional Design

  • Create context using introductory essays, visuals, and concept vocabulary.
  • Read the passage using the Literary Lens to focus attention with comprehension support from Immersive Reader*.
  • Identify and annotate textual evidence with support from the Interactive Text* to organize evidence and notes.
  • Facilitate dynamic, inclusive discussions of evidence, ideas, and points of view in large and small groups; support online conversations with the Collaboration Wall*; and extend discussions with the Great Books Discussion Guides.
  • Synthesize textual evidence, ideas, and perspectives in the writing activities.
  • Check progress using built-in assessments, auto-grade items*, and online reporting*.

*Available with Interactive Edition.

Flexible Application

  • Access any selection from the anthology series regardless of grade.
  • Select the units, selections, or learning objectives you need.
  • Create custom assignments for the whole class, small groups, or individual students.
Teacher Materials

All the Support You Need

  • Includes unit planners, varied assessments, and writing prompts and projects.
  • Print, interactive, or blended solutions—you choose!
  • Powerful classroom management with performance reports, class participation statistics, and exception reporting.
  • Online quizzes and assessment.
  • Differentiated for ELL students, striving readers, gifted students, and students working at grade level.
  • Project-based assessment and extension activities, including links to open educational resources.
  • Single Sign-On Integration available into your existing learning management systems.
  • Teaching support available in print and online.

Teacher Packages include a print Teacher Edition and Student Edition.

Interactive Editions

Reimagine your classroom, where all students can...

Comprehend the text

Comprehension is the gateway to meaning, and our state-of-the art Immersive Reader technology delivers.
ALL students have the power to

  • adapt the reading passage based on their own abilities and learning differences
  • translate and hear the text in their native language—dozens of languages available
  • use a picture dictionary, add line focus (1, 3, or 5 lines of text), or identify parts of speech and syllables
  • change font type, size, and background colors for readability.

Read for meaning

Move students from skimming and scanning to discovering evidence and extracting meaning with Interactive Texts.
Students can quickly

  • identify, label, and comment on textual evidence
  • collect evidence in a digital notebook
  • transfer ideas and evidence into discussion and writing tasks

Participate and collaborate

Reduce reluctance to participate through the Collaboration Wall.
Students and teachers can use familiar social media tools to

  • share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful, text-based questions
  • participate in dynamic discussions both online and in small groups
  • track participation in real time
Look Inside

Sample Pages

Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers
Student Edition | Teacher Edition

Reading the World
Student Edition | Teacher Edition

American Voices
Student Edition | Teacher Edition

British Literature
Student Edition | Teacher Edition


American Voices

Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Edgar Allan Poe, Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, Frederick Douglass, Mark Twain, Ambrose Bierce, Emily Dickinson, Kate Chopin, Stephen Crane, O. Henry, Willa Cather, Langston Hughes, Ernest Hemingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Steinbeck, William Faulkner, Eudora Welty, Ralph Ellison, Richard Wright, Truman Capote, Ray Bradbury, Arthur Miller, Kurt Vonnegut, Carson McCullers, Flanner O’Connor, Maya Angelou, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Alice Walker, Tim O’Brien, Joyce Carol Oates, Barbara Kingsolver, Sherman Alexie, Sandra Cisneros, Paul Laurence Dunbar, John Updike, Tobias Wolff, and more.

British Literature

Geoffrey Chaucer, William Shakespeare, John Donne, John Milton, Jonathan Swift, Zadie Smith, Mark Haddon, George Orwell, Winston Churchill, Robert Burns, William Blake, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley, John Keats, Thomas Hardy, Virginia Woolf, Sir Thomas Malory, Sir Walter Raleigh, William Wordsworth, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Robert Browning, Alfred Lord Tennyson, D.H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, James Joyce, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Dylan Thomas, and more.

A Multicultural Reader: Collection One

Gary Soto, Nikki Giovanni, Alex Haley, Gregory Djanikian, Gerald Haslam, Marilou Awiakta, Juan Sedilo, Nguyen Duc Minh, Jesús Colón, Egyirba High, Rosemary Catacalos, Harry Mark Petrakis, Richard Wright, Sherman Alexie, Tino Villanueva, Lensey Manioka, Lucille Clifton, Walter Dean Myers, Naomi Shihab Nye, Essex Hemphill, Esemeralda Santiago, Mario Cuomo, Minfong Ho, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Tato Laviera, Andrew Lam, Simon J. Ortiz, Rogelio R. Gomez, Clifton Davis, Rita Williams-Garcia, Rose del Castillo Guilbault, Maya Angelou, D.L. Birchfield, I.S. Nakata, Juan Delgado, Michael Dorris, and more.

A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two

Amy Tan, Dixie Salazar, Sherman Alexie, Edwidge Danticat, Bruce A. Jacobs, Sandra Tsing Loh, Rita Williams-Garcia, Alice Walker, Julia Alvarez, Ttsu Yamoto, Gish Jen, Maxine Hong Kingston, Richard Wright, Judith Ortiz Cofer, Walter Dean Myers, Elizabeth Wong, Leslie Marmon Silko, Langston Hughes, Ray Suárez, Gary Soto, N. Scott Momaday, Victor Hernández Cruz, James D. & Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston, W.R. Rodriquez, and more.

Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers

Maya Angelou, Gary Soto, Alice Walker, Gary Paulsen, Julia Alvarez, Saki, Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, Daphne du Maurier, Emily Dickinson, Ray Bradbury, James Thurber, Langston Hughes, Amy Tan, Homer, Edgar Allan Poe, Virginia Euwer Wolff, Shirley Jackson, O. Henry, Walt Whitman, Guy de Maupassant, Margaret Atwood, Anne Lamott, Doris Lessing, and more.

Reading the World

Saul Bellow, Margaret Atwood, Alice Munro, Juan Rulfo, Octavio Paz, Derek Walcott, James Berry, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Jorge Luis Borges, Isabel Allende, Dante Alighieri, Frank O’Connor, Dylan Thomas, T.S. Eliot, W.H. Auden, Fredrico García Lorca, Heinrich Böll, Boris Pasternak, David Diop, Chinua Achebe, Doris Lessing, Valmiki, Benjamin Tammuz, Dhu’l Nun Ayyoub, Rabindranath Tagore, Ha Jin, Hwang Sun-won, Judith Wright, Italo Calvino, Rosario Ferré, Djanka Tassey Condé, Bessie Head, and more.

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