Supporting the Needs of All Students

Supporting the Needs of All Students

Student support using Immersive Reader, Collaboration Walls, and built-in graphic organizers ensure students of all abilities can comprehend the text, engage in discussions, and extract and apply evidence from the text.

Now interactive editions help develop self-directed learners through personalized assistive technology support like Immersive Reader.

stock image of students workingstock image of students working

Reimagine Your Classroom, Where All Students Can...

Engage in Close Reading

Break down comprehension barriers—ALL students have the power to:

Adapt the reading selection based on their own abilities and learning differences with built-in IEP and 504 accommodations support.
Translate and listen to the text in their native language—over 100 languages available.
Enhance word knowledge through a picture dictionary, add line focus (1, 3, or 5 lines of text), or identify parts of speech and syllables.
immersive reader for IEPs and 504 accommodations
 interactive edition with notetaking ability interactive edition with notetaking ability

Move from Skimming and Scanning to Extracting Meaning with Annotation and Note-Taking Tools

Students can quickly:

  • Identify, label, and comment on textual evidence.
  • Collect evidence automatically in a digital notebook.
  • Transfer ideas and evidence into discussion and writing tasks.

Encourage Dynamic and Inclusive Discussions

  • Share ideas and perspectives based on meaningful text-based questions.
  • Participate in dynamic discussion both online and in small groups.
  • Track and grade participation in real time.
interactive discussion and discussion boardinteractive discussion and discussion board

Teaching Support for Diverse Classrooms

Practical, easy-to-access teacher suggestions and tools ensure all learners achieve mastery.

  • Lesson suggestions, answers, and ELL supports are provided at point of use in print and interactive editions.
  • PowerPoint slides are provided for whole-class teaching and modeling.
  • Links to online videos and other content offer extension and demonstration.
teaching support and powerpoint presentation slideteaching support and powerpoint presentation slide