For over 50 years, Perfection Learning has provided novels and classroom libraries to K–12 schools and libraries across the country. Our goal is to provide schools with a wide selection of authentic, high-quality texts from classics and culturally significant titles to award winners and bestsellers. Our literary experts strive to choose titles from a diverse set of authors, cultures, and viewpoints to ignite a love of reading among students of all backgrounds and abilities.

Title Selection Process

Our selection process includes expert recommendations, state and national recommended reading lists, award lists, teacher surveys, publisher recommendations, state and district curriculum requirements, and a variety of other sources. We continue to refine our process and criteria to ensure schools have access to the very best literature available. While we recognize that occasionally a specific title may engender a variety of opinions on appropriateness, we let the school customize their selections based on the needs of their students, teachers, and community. We recommend educators preview titles before sharing them with students.

Finally, our literature selections reflect our position that a diversity of viewpoints and expressions, rather than weakening our society, strengthens it. Reading a wide range of texts and engaging in discussion is a critical foundation of learning, not just in school, but in life. Every student deserves the right to see themselves accurately represented in the texts they read as well as be given the opportunity to see the world from differing perspectives.