1Our Mission

To partner with educators on curriculum solutions that break down learning barriers; create dynamic, inclusive classrooms; and help all students reach their potential.

2Our Vision


  • FOCUS on areas where we can make the biggest difference.
  • COMMIT ourselves to excellence in innovation, service, and support.
  • Hold ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to grow as individuals and as an organization.


3Our Values

  • TAKE INITIATIVE—We set the bar high for ourselves, empower initiative, and hold ourselves accountable to our customers and colleagues.

  • WORK TOGETHER—We recognize that to succeed individually, we must succeed as a team.

  • THINK CRITICALLY—We ask ourselves the hard questions as we seek ways to improve our products, service, processes and performance.

  • LEARN AND GROW—We encourage each person to reach their potential through learning opportunities, feedback, and reflection.

  • BUILD FOR THE LONG-TERM—We invest in our people, keep our lives in balance, and do things the right way.