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Connections: English Language Arts

Grades 6–12

Literature Based Learning

  • A thought-provoking essential question sets the context.
  • Each reading of a selection has a purpose and employs a targeted reading or analysis skill.
  • Using textual evidence, students apply the skill through discussion, collaborative activities, and writing.

Outstanding Literature

High-interest themes and thought-provoking essential questions in areas such as

  • Current events—diversity in society; equality and justice; knowing right from wrong; trusting what you hear, see, and read; the impact of technology on jobs; the costs of innovation.
  • Themes—family, decisions, story-telling, horror, journey, freedom, identity and the forces that shape us, physical appearance, crime and punishment.
  • Culture and History—the Native American experience, how history shapes us, how ideas bring about change, the impact of war, the role of women over time.

Instructional Design

The step-by-step lesson design keeps students focused on the learning objective.

  • Create context using introductory activities and discussions.
  • Read the passage guided by close reading questions with comprehension support from Immersive Reader*.
  • Identify and annotate textual evidence with support from the Interactive Text* to organize evidence and notes.
  • Facilitate dynamic, inclusive discussions of evidence, ideas, and points of view in large and small groups; support online conversations with the Collaboration Wall*.
  • Apply the skill and synthesize textual evidence in the "Focus On" activity.
  • Assess progress with the quizzes and tests.
  • Extend learning with project-based assessments and independent activities.

*Available with Interactive Edition.


Comprehensive standards coverage and a modular design permits easy integration into your curriculum.

  • Select the units, selections, or learning objectives you need.
  • Assign lessons to the whole class, small groups, or individual students.