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Connections: Literature

Grades 6–12

Literary Analysis

  • A Literary Lens identifies one aspect of each selection for students to analyze, discuss, and write about.
  • Each anthology has a grade-specific Special Focus, encouraging students to "dig deeper" to draw meaning from the text through reading and writing activities.
    —Middle School: A Multicultural Reader: Collection One | Making Cultural Connections
    —Ninth Grade: Pathways: Literature for Readers and Writers | Writing Workshops
    —Tenth Grade: Reading the World | Research
    —Eleventh Grade: American Voices | Author's Style
    —Twelfth Grade: British Literature | Critical Reading & Analysis
    —High School: A Multicultural Reader: Collection Two | Making Cultural Connections

Instructional Design

  • Create context using introductory essays, visuals, and concept vocabulary.
  • Read the passage using the Literary Lens to focus attention with comprehension support from Immersive Reader*.
  • Identify and annotate textual evidence with support from the Interactive Text* to organize evidence and notes.
  • Facilitate dynamic, inclusive discussions of evidence, ideas, and points of view in large and small groups; support online conversations with the Collaboration Wall*; and extend discussions with the Great Books Discussion Guides.
  • Synthesize textual evidence, ideas, and perspectives in the writing activities.
  • Check progress using built-in assessments, auto-grade items*, and online reporting*.

*Available with Interactive Edition.

Flexible Application

  • Access any selection from the anthology series regardless of grade.
  • Select the units, selections, or learning objectives you need.
  • Create custom assignments for the whole class, small groups, or individual students.