French Years 1–4

French Years 1–4

Eli Blume & Gail Stein | Year 1 • Year 2 • Year 3 • Year 4

The most comprehensive review of French language available!

Each level aligns with ACTFL’s Five C goal areas and provides an in-depth review of grammatical topics, word study, and French civilizations and culture.

Brief, clear explanations of grammatical structures are followed by exercises moving from simple assimilation to more challenging manipulation of elements and communication. Exercises provide extensive oral practice as well as reinforcement through written responses including English-to-French exercises intended to sharpen writing skills. The topical organization allows teachers maximum classroom flexibility.

Carefully controlled vocabulary ensures content comprehension as students practice and apply grammatical structures.

Comprehensive assessments include interpretive communication, interpersonal writing and speaking, presentation writing and speaking.

French Four Years features an AP® French Language and Culture practice exam, portfolio assessments, and authentic literature excerpts.

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Titles in This Program



  • French: First Year (Blume/Stein)
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  • French: Two Years (Blume/Stein)
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  • French: Three Years (Blume/Stein)
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  • French Four Years: Advanced French with AP Component
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Program Features & Resources


Workbook Format

The consumable worktexts provide write-on lines for student practice and comprehension.

Review Text

The 6" x 9" Review Texts are designed for ease of study and reference in a proficiency-oriented communicative approach.

First Year
Workbook—456 pages
Review Text—470 pages

Two Years
Workbook—622 pages
Review Text—565 pages

Three Years
Workbook—609 pages
Review Text—585 pages

French Four Years: Advanced French With AP® Component

Master the linguistic and cultural content needed to achieve advanced-level proficiency in French
  • Grammar is written in English but all exercises require that answers be given in French.
  • Topics of the 29 featured readings are varied and relevant to students’ age and experience.
  • The final reading in each chapter is followed by questions, essays, research projects, or discussions that provide alternative forms of assessment.
  • Students are encouraged to read the short biographical notes given at the end of each chapter to make short, knowledgeable presentations.
  • Reflects ACTFL's Five C's and the current AP® French Language and Culture Test, including modes of communication.
Teacher Materials

Answer Key

Available for Years 1, 2, and 3.

Teacher Package - French Four Years: Advanced French With AP® Component

Audio Program

Drills skills in speaking, listening, and reading comprehension. Reflects the current AP® French Language and Culture Test. A script is provided in the Answer Key.

Answer Key

Includes answers to all practice exercises and chapter assessments and provides detailed answers to free-response questions. Also contains a printed audio script.

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French Years 1–3
French Four Years: Advanced French With AP® Component

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