Reviewing Intermediate Level Science

Reviewing Intermediate Level Science

Grade 8

Prepare for the New York eighth-grade test with this topical review of science and technology concepts

Covers Matter, Energy, Motion and Machines, Biological Diversity and Heredity, Human Systems, Ecosystems, Weather and Climate, Astronomy, and more in a clear narrative style. Chapters are divided into two or more sections that present the major ideas of each topic in a manner that is easy to read and understand.

A Diagnostic Test followed by a Diagnostic Checklist helps students identify gaps in their science knowledge. Review questions follow each section and are divided into multiple-choice and extended-response questions designed to test students’ abilities in acquiring, processing, and extending scientific knowledge.

Process Skill Guides and Lab Skill Guides focus on learning and applying a particular skill. Two sample tests provide practice and are modeled after the New York Grade 8 Intermediate-Level Test: Science.

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  • Reviewing Intermediate Level Science: Preparing for Your Eighth-Grade Test
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