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Grades 6–12

Research-Based Word Study

  • Words in context—all Master Words come from excerpts of high-quality texts including contemporary fiction, nonfiction, speeches, and primary sources.
  • Close reading—each lesson begins with students extracting context clues from the text to generate meaning for the Master Words.
  • Dictionary skills—by using the built-in dictionary, students compare their definitions to standard definitions, helping them identify both substantive and more nuanced differences.
  • Multiple exposures—a series of exercises of increasing complexity test recall and usage of the words in multiple forms.
  • Writing—short writing exercises ensure students can use the Master Words in their writing and speaking.
  • Morphology—students use affixes and broaden their knowledge of roots from Greek, Latin, and other linguistic sources.

Develop Close Reading Skills

Students learn multiple ways to extract meaning by reading selections two times—the first to check understanding, the second to identify context clues for the Master Words.

Multiple Exposures

  • Once students have the dictionary definition, each lesson then uses the Master Word in six varying settings—in context, through analogies, using synonyms/antonyms, and investigating shades of meaning and multiple meanings.
  • Lessons conclude with a short writing exercise using the Master Words.
  • Unit activities extend word study through activities using roots and affixes, idioms and sayings, academic language, and figurative language.

Full Year of Instruction

Six units (5 lessons per unit) provide a full year of instruction. A minimum of 50% of the lesson selections are from informational texts spanning all subject areas.

All the Support You Need

  • Unit Word Study—a review follows every five lessons and features classic roots and affixes and a section that focuses on idioms and sayings, academic vocabulary, or figurative language.
  • A Unit Assessment features words in context.
  • A Unit Writing Activity expands vocabulary learning.
  • Additional lesson, unit, and full-course tests are available as consumable Test Booklets.
  • Multiple activities for each targeted word include
    —close reading questions
    —using context clues
    —determining and verifying word meaning
    —using synonyms and antonyms
    —understanding shades of meaning
    —using multiple-meaning words
    —using related words
    —completing analogies
    —analyzing figurative language
    —understanding etymology
    —using idioms