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AMSCO® Advanced Placement® European History

Prepare your students for success in the AP® European History course and on the exam.

Based on the same successful approach as United States History: Preparing for the Advanced Placement® Examination


  • concise and accessible text covers all topics and skills required in the most recent College Board course and exam update, including the new National and European Identity theme
  • divided into four chronological periods mirroring the structure of the AP® European History course
  • each period features a one-page overview summarizing the major developments and key concepts for the period
  • an essential question opens each chapter to provide a framework for studying the content
  • each chapter narrative concludes with a Historical Perspectives feature offering varied interpretations of a historical issue
  • Writing As a Historian features in each chapter prepare students to answer free-response questions
  • all multiple-choice questions are tied to primary sources and both short-answer questions and long-essay questions conclude each chapter
  • two Document-Based Questions, modeled on the AP® European History Exam, follow each period
  • includes a practice exam with updated question styles based on the most current curriculum framework and exam description
  • a comprehensive Answer Key includes answers for multiple-choice and short-answer questions and rubrics for both long-essay questions and Document-Based Questions