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Advanced Placement®
World History: Modern

Grades 10-12

It's a bold, new world!

Meticulously aligned to the new 2019 course exam description framework.

Based on the similar successful approach as AMSCO® Advanced Placement® United States History.


  • STRATEGIC Organization: The revised book aligns with the new organization of the course, including the 2019 College Board revisions to the course and exam description. The four periods consist of a total of nine units. This is critical for student success on the exam.  
  • INSPIRED Pre-1200 Content: Includes a new Prologue that prepares students for the study of history beginning ca. 1200. It surveys key developments in world history prior to 1200, such as the emergence of major world religions, the interactions between cultures through trade networks and migration, and the growth of and shifts in centers of population and innovation.
  • IMPRESSIVE Unit Summary Sections: Ensuring students better grasp the larger trends in world history and practice history reasoning skills, each unit in the new edition concludes with an expanded summary that reviews the content of the unit by placing it in historical context.
  • STIMULATING LEQs & DBQs: Additional high-quality long essay and document-based questions have been added to better prepare students for the toughest parts of the exam.
  • FEATURES Scaffolded Learning Tasks: Guided instruction and practice is provided for each of the historical disciplinary practices or reasoning skills identified by the College Board.
  • REINFORCES Writing Skills: Exercises throughout the text help prepare students to answer free-response questions on the exam.
  • DEVELOPS College Readiness: Within text Test Prep tasks build comprehension and critical analysis skills through extended practice in evaluating author’s perspectives, analyzing sources, citing textual evidence to support arguments, and developing cohesive written arguments.
  • HIGH QUALITY Summative Assessments: Includes a complete practice exam with a revised exam format based on the most current curriculum framework.
  • COMPREHENSIVE Answer Key: Provides recommendations for what could be included in good responses and correlates each question to the curriculum framework.
  • FLEXIBLE Design: This textbook can be used in a one-semester or one-year course.

Answer Key is sold only to educators and shipped to school or district addresses only. A verified classroom set purchase of the student edition (print or digital) is required. Please contact Customer Service at (800) 831-4190 to order by credit card.

Advanced Placement® is a trademark registered and/or owned by the College Board, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, these products.


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  1. Advanced Placement World History: Modern

    Advanced Placement World History: Modern

    Student Edition Softcover


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  2. Advanced Placement World History: Modern

    Advanced Placement World History: Modern

    Student Edition ebook (1-year License)


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  3. Advanced Placement World History: Modern

    Advanced Placement World History: Modern

    Student Edition Bundle (Softcover plus ebook)


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