Grades 9–12

A comprehensive high school math series for all learners

Short, focused lessons feature extensive step-by-step model problems, clearly identified mathematical practices, instructional videos, interactive activities, and ample practice to develop mathematical fluency and problem-solving skills.

Individualize problem sets with i-Practice, which assigns problems to each student based on his or her instructional need. Smart Feedback and point-of-use video instruction provides additional instructional support to maximize student success. Online assignments, mixed and cumulative reviews, and a wealth of chapter and summative tests provide the performance data and reporting you need. Assessments also include the latest technology-enhanced items (TEIs).

Titles in This Program



  • Algebra 1
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  • Algebra 2
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  • Geometry
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  • Precalculus: Concepts and Technological Applications
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Program Features & Resources


Short, Focused Instruction

  • Differentiated to meet the needs of all learners.
  • Includes definitions within context and explanations of key concepts.
  • Aligned to state and Common Core standards.

Step-by-Step Model Problems

  • Move from simpler to more complex tasks.
  • Develop conceptual understanding of multi-step problem solving.

Real-World Problems

  • Engaging and relevant problem sets.
  • Think critically and computationally.
  • Develop contextual problem-solving skills.
  • Prepare students for rigorous assessment.

Extensive Problem Sets

  • Designed to model large-scale assessment format.
  • Abundant fluency practice.
  • Contextual problem practice.
  • Performance task practice.

Mathematical Practices

  • Students learn to communicate using mathematical language and understand formal and informal concepts in math.
  • Various questioning techniques develop all eight mathematical practices.
  • Fully integrated teacher support.

Enrichment Activities

  • Challenge students to explore topics in greater depth.
  • Perfect for collaborative study or enrichment.

Companion Websites

  • Dozens of interactive exploration activities build conceptual understanding and improve fluency.
  • Simulations, graphing tools, games, and much more.
  • Student-facing instructional videos.
Teacher Materials

Teacher Package

Teacher Edition (Digital)

  • Integrates interactive content, animations, simulations, and games to develop 21st century skills.
  • Visual support while providing direct instruction.
  • Whole group instructions.

Digital Lesson Plans

  • Lesson objectives, videos, model problems, simulations, and other presentation tools.
  • Assignment Generator allows for personalization and customization.
  • Performance tasks model large scale assessments.

Instructional Whiteboards

All developed by nationally recognized teachers with years of experience in understanding the difficulties that students are likely to encounter.

Interactive Quickchecks

Progress monitoring problems with step-by-step scaffolding.

Assignment Generator

Pre-built or customizable pencil/paper assignments, quizzes, and tests.

Instructional Whiteboards

Each step of a problem rolls out in real time as teachers control the pace.

Interactive Quickchecks

Monitor student progress throughout instruction with Quickchecks.

Teacher Manual (Print)

  • Blended lesson plans help teachers develop the perfect mix of print and digital materials.
  • Answer key for all practice items, chapter reviews, and cumulative reviews.
  • Detailed scoring rubrics for assessing performance tasks.
  • Teacher Talk provides questioning techniques to build students' mathematical reasoning.
  • Hands-on enrichment activities.

Teacher Manual Standards for Geometry


Digital Instruction Available

  • Purchase both AMSCO® Math and mathX for aligned instruction and individualized practice and assessment.
  • Extensive digital resources enhance learning and extend the classroom and lessons.


Bring the power of personalized learning to students, allowing for anywhere, anytime learning and review. Tied directly to the latest state and national standards and designed to complement AMSCO® Math or other standards-aligned math programs.

Raise achievement through personalized assessment and instruction

  • Motivate students to practice to mastery with i-Practice personalized problem sets.
  • Build mathematical fluency through hundreds of adaptive, step-by-step problems.
  • Engage students with immediate Smart Feedback.
  • Reach struggling learners with point-of-use video instruction.
  • Enhance test performance with authentic practice mirroring the item types on PARCC, Smarter Balanced, and high-stakes state tests.

Take charge of instruction with automated grading and real-time data

  • i-Practice personalizes and differentiates instructional support for each student.
  • Artificial intelligence and advanced algorithms recognize varying answer formats.
  • Customizable or multi-format reporting illustrates performance by lesson and standard.
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Algebra 1
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