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Benson Handwriting with Integrated Reading and Language Arts

Grades K–5

Handwriting Lessons

Each lesson takes approximately 15 minutes and features

  • Three-step gradual release of responsibility – Present, Practice, Proceed
  • Letter formation modelling through scripted instruction, hands-on practice, online videos, and interactive whiteboard software
  • Guided and independent practice using a variety of ELA activities
  • Extension and differentiation suggestions and activities
  • Self-assessment prompts.

Letter Formation

Support for proper letter formation through multiple print and digital avenues.

  • Simple letter formation with easy-to-follow instructions in each lesson
  • QR codes at point of use provide animated letter formation models accessible on mobile devices—school-to-home support
  • Desk strips and wall posters
  • Manuscript instruction available for Grades K-2
  • Cursive instruction available for Grades 2T (transition) – Grade 5

Legibility—Keep the Focus

A Keep the Focus feature in each lesson reinforces the four components of legibility.

  • Size
  • Spacing
  • Slant
  • Strokes

Language Arts & Reading

Each lesson contains activities incorporating grade-appropriate reading and language arts standards such as

  • Foundational Skills—phonological awareness, phonics, and phonograms.
  • Reading Skills—following directions, main idea and details, cause and effect, compare and contrast, using textual evidence, figures of speech, point of view, and plot and characters.
  • Word Study—identifying word meaning, prefixes/suffixes, synonyms/antonyms, spelling patterns, and content-area vocabulary.
  • Writing—responding to texts, composing in specific genres (narrative, informational, argumentative, poetry, drama), and reproducible writing journals (grades K and 1).
  • Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics—capitalization, punctuation, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, and proper nouns.