First Person Physics

First Person Physics

Introductory Physics

Animated instruction and interactive explorations bring physics to life.

Animated instruction and interactive explorations bring physics to life.

Interactive lessons break down concepts into logical building blocks—supported by animation, video, and professional audio. Online assignments, quizzes, and tests provide an extensive set of assessment items and are supported by powerful classroom management tools.

Simulations allow students to experiment with physics discovery activities, make conjectures, and solve problems either individually or in teams—perfect for introducing new concepts.

Quickchecks provide extensive math support with step-by-step practice problems, feedback, and intervention.

Virtual Labs extend learning into full lab sessions, complete with only student lab manuals.

iPad and Chromebook compatible.

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  • First Person Physics
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Program Features & Resources


Interactive Lessons

All core instructional content is delivered through short and focused text, video, animations, and simulations.

  • Over 900 activities, videos, and simulations deliver instruction in class or allow students to review on their own.
  • Animations proceed step-by-step through each key idea and concept.
  • Hundreds of animations illustrate physics in action, allowing anticipation, replaying, and discussion.
  • Summary videos encapsulate the key ideas of each topic.
  • Professional audio accompanies all instruction providing support for all learners.


  • Pause at any time to record data points or rerun using different starting values.
  • Simulations encourage collaborative learning and include
    —driving a car through a 3D city to experiment with motion in two dimensions
    —dragging a test charge into a field and observing the direction and magnitude of force
    —recreating part of the Curies’ famous experiment on alpha particles
    —analyzing a substance using a mass spectrometer simulation
    —exploring advanced topics such as rotational motion and angular momentum

Math Support

Quickchecks develop problem-solving ability and build confidence.

  • Embedded instructional videos provide real-time support.
  • Step-by-step support builds self-efficacy and problem-solving skills.
  • Generate new problems to ensure mastery.
  • Performance is automatically recorded in teacher gradebook.

Sample problems provide step-by-step support for students solving key physics problems.

  • Master educators explain solutions.
  • Each step rolls out one at a time.

Progress Monitoring

Quizboards at the end of each chapter provide formative review.

  • Hints provide instructional support.
  • Immediate feedback for students.

Virtual Labs

  • Bring to life concepts that can't be demonstrated in most classrooms.
  • Complete insructions and simulations allow for electronic or print submission.
  • Students can complete virtual labs in class or as homework.
  • Grade virtual labs easily and effectively within the digital grade book.

Physical Labs and Demonstrations

Provide ample hands-on time for both students and instructors.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans for each chapter contain

  • Essential Questions and Enduring Understandings for the chapter and lesson.
  • explanations of all vocabulary terms.
  • STEM skills.
  • a step-by-step walkthrough of the lessons with one-click access to all instructional material.
  • pre-built assignments.
  • cross-curricular support for language arts and math standards.

Teacher Materials

Course Management

Comprehensive management allows you to

  • create and manage classes; add or drop students.
  • create, modify, and distribute assignments, quizzes, and tests in seconds.
  • track performance.
  • drill down into class or individual student data.


Use pre-built assignments or create your own.

  • Pre-built assignments are aligned to lessons.
  • Edit to add or delete problems within the assignment or easily access question banks from other lessons or standards to build custom assignments.
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